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Extensive experience in infrastructure to guide our clients in taking advantage of developments in public-private partnership projects in Japan

In recent years, the Japanese government has developed concrete policies to introduce the use of concessions for airports, water and sewage facilities, toll roads, and other types of infrastructure. As one of its economic growth policies, the Japanese government intends to open up the management of some existing infrastructure facilities and structures to the private sector to help their maintenance and operations in response to severe fiscal conditions of central and local governments, and to create new business opportunities.

Given the rapidly changing legal and business environments in this area, our lawyers regularly update our clients on legal, regulatory, and practical developments. With our comprehensive knowledge of the issues, laws, and regulations, and our extensive involvement in concession and traditional projects, we are able to advise industry participants in a wide range of matters and issues, including conducting legal due diligence relating to the acquisition of concession rights; bidding and contract negotiations; construction, operation, and maintenance of facilities; and financing and other aspects of infrastructure projects. We can quickly assemble an effective legal team for specific transactions.

We are also prepared to support infrastructure funds investing in infrastructure assets in Japan. Our extensive experience in infrastructure and related regulations allow us to assist our clients with extensive knowledge, insightful advice, and thorough and efficient legal due diligence on the target infrastructure.

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The Screening System for Essential Infrastructure Facilities begins under The Economic Security Promotion Act of Japan: Key Practice Points for Potentially Affected Businesses
Recent Developments in Public-Private Partnerships in Japan
Concession of National Airports in Japan
Introduction of the Concession System to Japan under the Bill to Amend the Act on Promotion of Private Finance Initiatives

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Top rankings received from asialaw 2023-24
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Top Rankings received from asialaw 2023, the definitive guide to Asia's leading law firms and lawyers
MHM advised on the arrangements of the first domestic social loan for a Park-PFI project
Our lawyers were selected in asialaw 2022, the definitive guide to Asia's leading law firms and lawyers

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Sep. 6, 2022External Seminars
"The updates of Economic Security Promotion Act and the coming policies for Economic Security"
Mar. 29, 2022External Seminars
”IBA Japan Webinar: Economy and National Security: Update on the Economic Security Promotion Bill and its Impact on Business”
Mar. 22, 2022External Seminars
"Economy and National Security: Overview of the Economic Security Promotion Bill and Its Impact on Business"
Feb. 21, 2022External Seminars
"The overview of the Economic Security Promotion Bill and its impact on business"
Jul. 4, 2017External Seminars
"Comparative Analysis of the Legal Framework and Market Practice for Infrastructure/PPP in Australia/UK and in Japan"

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Magazine Article
"Introduction to Inbound Practices - Practices Related to Foreign Investment Regulations under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act"
Magazine Article
"Corporate Legal Affairs Frontier (No.262): Recent Developments in U.S. Restrictions on Outward Foreign Direct Investment in China and Impact on Japanese Corporations"
"Legal Affairs and Practices Involving Environmental Value Transactions"
Magazine Article
"Outline and Future Developments of Outward Direct Investment Regulations in Japan and the U.S."
Magazine Article
"Special Feature: Issues Related to Economic Security (1) Investment Management System under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act - Issues Concerning the Current System and Examination of Legislative Measures"

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