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We strongly support trade and business between Japan and Israel.

In recent years, business networks and technological cooperation between Japan and Israel have been rapidly developing not only within the private sector but at the governmental level as well. Israel has become one of the world leaders in the fields of information technology, such as FinTech and cybersecurity, due to its technological advantages and fertile ecosystem that cultivates a number of rapidly growing startups, which makes alliance and collaboration with Israel strategically important for Japanese companies. Furthermore, rapid progress in the infrastructure of Israel, including energy and transportation, also makes it a market with great potential for Japanese companies.

We provide strong support to the businesses that operate between Japan and Israel by utilizing our established relationships with leading Israeli law firms and applying the cooperative experience we have gained with such firms to date through the inbound and outbound transactions between Japan and Israel we have been involved in.

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Jul. 14, 2023MHM Seminars
”Investments and Commercial Collaborations with Israeli Tech-Companies”

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