Latin America Practice

We provide a broad range of legal support for businesses entering or operating in Brazil, Mexico, and other countries in Latin America

As companies become increasingly active on a global scale and seek opportunities in Latin America, we are engaged in many transactions and matters involving Latin America.

We provide legal support for corporations entering markets and conducting business in the major economies of Latin America, including Mexico, Panama, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, as well as other countries of Latin America.

We have advised on a broad range of matters, including M&A, joint ventures, and financing, involving Latin American companies, general corporate matters including establishment of subsidiaries in Latin America, and dispute resolution with Latin American parties.
Information in Japanese regarding legal practices in Latin America is often insufficient or lacking in the public domain. As such, we actively provide such information for our Japanese clients. For example, we regularly conduct seminars and information sessions for clients regarding the legal practices of countries such as Mexico and Brazil.

We also regularly conduct seminars and information sessions in Brazil for employees of Japanese corporations transferred or stationed there. We also publish many articles, essays, and newsletters regarding the laws of Latin America and major amendments thereto.

We maintain a strong network with local law firms throughout Latin America. We cooperate with lawyers from the different firms in a wide variety of transactions and matters, and hold seminars and author papers on a joint basis with them. We also second lawyers to top law firms in Brazil. Our knowledge and network allow us to handle all types of matters and to assemble the appropriate team of Latin American lawyers for our clients in accordance with the scale, nature, and budget of the matters.

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Latin America Practice:Seminars

Sep. 30, 2019MHM Seminars
"Business-Related Legal Affairs and Compliance in Argentina: Fundamentals and Recent Trends"
Sep. 24, 2019External Seminars
IBA Annual Conference 2019 "Asian investments in Latin America: challenges and opportunities"
Oct. 22, 2014External Seminars
IBA Annual Conference 2014"Cross-border deals between Asian and Latin American companies-the untold stories by both in-house and outside counsel who lived through them"
Jan. 16, 2014MHM Seminars
Global Legal Affairs Seminar [Part 5: Mexico]
Dec. 5, 2013MHM Seminars
Global Legal Affairs Seminar [Part 3: Brazil]

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Latin America Practice:Publications

Magazine Transcript
"Monthly Meeting in August: Special Lecture Record for Special Lecture II - Issues in Compliance with Global Data Protection Law and Practical Viewpoints Related to Data Protection Due Diligence for M&A"
"Report on Legal Issues in Latin America: Enactment of Personal Information Protection Law in Brazil"
"Report on Legal Issues in Latin America: Enforcement of New Competition Law in Argentina"
Magazine Article
"Legal management for overseas subsidiaries"
Magazine Article
"Practice of Anti-corruption Program: Regulations in High Risk Countries in Asia and South America"

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