Malaysia Practice

We provide comprehensive legal support built on our long experience advising clients on a wide variety of transactions and matters in Malaysia

With our broad experience and knowledge of advising clients in Malaysia on matters including M&A, joint ventures, real estate investment, and Islamic finance, we are able to provide efficient and effective advice for our clients investing or operating in Malaysia.

The Malaysian legal system is modernizing with new developments such as competition laws, personal data protection laws, and codifications of guidelines from government agencies.

We work together with leading independent firms in Malaysia to serve our clients in Malaysia’s fast-changing environment.

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Malaysia Practice:Seminars

Sep. 29, 2020External Seminars
"Legal Environment for Islamic Social Finance"
Sep. 23, 2019External Seminars
IBA Annual Conference Seoul 2019 "M&A in Asia's high-growth economies: pitfalls to be avoided"
Nov. 17, 2015External Seminars
"ABA 2015 Asia Forum – Beijing "615 million people, a U.S. $2.3 trillion economy and 10 legal systems: The Opportunities and Challenges of Investing into ASEAN""
Mar. 6, 2013External Seminars
"ASEAN Intellectual Property Seminar by JETRO South East Asian Intellectual Property Network: "Protection of Unregistered Intellectual Property in ASEAN Countries""

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Malaysia Practice:Publications

Magazine Panel Discussion
"Asian Real Estate Development - Countermeasures for Existing Joint Ventures and Lgal Precautions for New Transactions in Preparation for the Deterioration of Local Developers' Credit"
Magazine Article
"Impact of the Spread of COVID-19 on Asian Real Estate Development Projects"
Magazine Article
"Corporate Legislation and Legal Risks in Southeast Asian Countries (7): Detailed Explanation of Corporate Legislation and Major Legal Risks in Malaysia"
"Real Estate Law in Asia – Guidance for Real Estate and Infrastructure Business"
Magazine Article
"Legal management for overseas subsidiaries"

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