Russia/CIS Practice

We provide legal support for corporations entering or operating in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

These regions remain appealing for investors due to their abundant territories and natural resources, and growing middle and upper classes.
Rapid legal developments are changing the investment landscape in Russia and the CIS. For example, in the past, investment in Russia involved concerns such as complicated authorization procedures and uncertainty regarding the enforceability of agreements. In recent years, Russia has been revising the Russian Civil Code (including provisions that correspond to the Companies Act and other commercial laws in Japan) to resemble and align more closely with the laws of other countries in Europe.

Amid this changing landscape, our firm is well equipped to provide legal support for corporations entering Russia and the CIS by leveraging our network and strong relationship with leading law firms in the region. We also regularly update our clients with information and legal developments in the region by providing relevant seminars and newsletters.

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Russia/CIS Practice:Seminars

May 25, 2022 - Jun. 24, 2022MHM Open Seminars
(English language webinar) "Overview of Japan’s Economic Sanctions against Russia and Belarus (Updated on May 23)"
Mar. 11, 2022 - Apr. 10, 2022MHM Open Seminars
(English Webinar) "Overview of Japan’s Economic Sanctions against Russia and Belarus"

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Magazine Article
"Establishing Branches, Representative Offices and Subsidiaries in Russia"

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