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Japanese and Taiwanese lawyers who know actuals of Taiwan compose team and support cases.

The economic and cultural exchanges between Japan and Taiwan continue to be  active. In Taiwan, the reputation of Japanese products, service and contents is relatively high, and a considerable amount of Taiwan companies intend to cooperate with Japanese companies in business. As the similarity of social and cultural background between Taiwan and Japan, as well as the maturity of the legal system of Taiwan, it could be said that it is relatively easy to carry out business activities in Taiwan for Japanese companies, and in fact there are many Japanese companies actively carrying out business activities there.

We have a close cooperation relationship with Taiwan local law firms and have provided support for Japanese companies in business activities in Taiwan for a long time. We have extensive track records of dealing with the cases of M&A, finance, investment, withdrawal, different kinds of transactions, trade, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, antitrust, labor, IT, debt recovery, insolvency and inherit in relation to Japan and Taiwan. In addition, not only in Taiwan, we are also good at dealing with tangled cases involving China mainland and Hong Kong. Cases in which we have represented Taiwan companies have increased in recent years.

We also have rich experience in representing or supporting disputes between Japan and Taiwan. There are cases which need special considerations under the political background of Taiwan about delivery, recognition and enforcement of international arbitrations and judgements when there comes to disputes. Based on the experience of supporting the arbitration and litigation in Japan, Taiwan and third countries, and the recognition and enforcement of those cases therein, we, together with our dispute resolution team, are providing practical and strategic advices for disputes between Japan and Taiwan.

We have both Japanese and Taiwan lawyers who have experience in practicing in Taiwan law firms. In addition, we have built a Taiwan legal team centrally formed of Japanese lawyers with long legal practices in Taiwan as well as high Chinese skills, and we are dealing with different kinds of cases related with Japan and Taiwan.

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Jul. 11, 2023External Seminars
"Current Status and Key Points of Carve-out M&A (Part 60): Commentary Focusing on Complex Multinational Carve-out Cases"
Sep. 6, 2021External Seminars
"太陽光電法律議題分享會 (Hot Legal Topics in Solar Power)"
Jul. 10, 2019External Seminars
"Trade Secret Protection – Legislation, Practice, and Enforcement"

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"History and Development of ESG in Taiwan: Introduction of Laws and Regulations Concerning Promotion of Industrial Technology in Taiwan"
"Business Legal Practices in Taiwan"
"A Comparative Study of Japan and Taiwan on the Individual Labor Dispute Resolution System and the Monetary Compensation System of Dismissal"
Magazine Article
"Practices and Key Points Regarding Multinational Carve-Out M&A in Asia"

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