Disputes in Information Technology Systems Development

Advising clients facing complex problems with our broad experience handling disputes relating to information technology systems development

Our experienced lawyers represent vendors, users, and other participants in the information technology industry in the expanding area of disputes relating to information technology systems development.

Our expertise in this area derives from our experience acting for both claimants and respondents in disputes relating to information technology, which are growing in number and complexity. Legal representation in these disputes requires a thorough understanding of the industry, including with respect to its terminology, practices, and technology. More importantly, in addition to addressing disputes when they arise, our team provides invaluable insight and advice in identifying potential disputes, minimizing or avoiding those disputes, and proposing measures to address disputes that may arise.

Disputes in Information Technology Systems Development:People

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Disputes in Information Technology Systems Development:Publications

"Whistleblower Protection Act - Operational Key Points that are Likely to be Overlooked when Reading Provisions (Part 1): Operational Key Points Regarding Persons Engaged in Whistleblowing System Operations (1)"
"Basic Flow of Misconduct Investigations - Based on the Amended Whistleblower Protection Act"
"Now Threatening Japanese Society Again - Root Causes for Quality Data Falsification and Utilization of Digital Forensics"
Book Article
"The Technology Disputes Law Review 2nd Edition"
"Series on Practical Issues of Corporate Litigation: Software Litigation (2nd ed.)"

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