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Advice on a broad variety of general and complex matters based on the latest developments and risks in the dynamic area of labor law

Our Labor Law Practice Group provides advice on a comprehensive range of labor matters including human resources, employee benefits and compensation, and tax and regulations, in connection with general labor matters, complex business transactions, and disputes and litigation. We serve diverse clients, including companies, boards of directors, board committees, management teams, and individual employees, executives, and business owners.

With our history of engaging in a broad variety of general and complex labor matters, we are able to provide effective, practical, and innovative advice based on the latest developments and risks in labor law, other relevant law, and business practices. We also work seamlessly with lawyers from all our Practice Groups to provide a one-stop, full service solution for clients in connection with all types of business transactions and disputes.

Labor law is a dynamic area of law, as theory, interpretation, and practice continue to evolve, reflecting changes in the workplace and decisions of Japanese courts and authorities that modify past rulings. Labor disputes are growing rapidly with a number of new labor cases heard in recent years by courts or labor tribunals in Japan. We have the experience to advise businesses of all sizes and in all industries to uncover, understand, and address all types of risks relating to labor law.


Effective, practical, and innovative advice in a comprehensive range of labor matters

A company’s initial steps to preserve evidence are especially important in cases of employee fraud, and companies are significantly affected by how well or poorly they handle fact-finding investigations and media relations. We are able to provide prompt and extensive support in handling employee fraud cases based on our abundant experience.

Harassment in the workplace is a compliance issue that affects nearly every company, and it is essential not only to develop effective preventive measures but also to handle incidents promptly and appropriately when they occur. We assist clients in formulating preventive compliance structures and also in dealing with all types of harassment situations when they arise.

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May 3, 2023External Seminars
『ABA International Law Section「2023 ILS Annual Conference/The Emergence of "Overlooked" Competition Law Themes: The Scrutiny of Competitors' Agreements Affecting Climate Change and Labor Markets (CLE)」』
Jul. 8, 2019External Seminars
"The Latest Trend and Practical Issues over Whistleblowing System - with Certification of Whistleblowing System, Amendment to the Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers, and Global Whistleblowing System -"
Jan. 16, 2014MHM Seminars
Global Legal Affairs Seminar [Part 5: Mexico]
Jan. 10, 2014 - Jan. 11, 2014External Seminars
"Enterprise Law Conference"
Dec. 19, 2013MHM Seminars
Global Legal Affairs Seminar [Part 4: Turkey]

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Magazine Article
"International Comparative Legal Guide to: Employment & Labour Law 2023 - Woman in Employment in Japan chapter"
Magazine Article
"Comparison of Labor Laws in Japan and China (Part 2)"
Magazine Article
”Lawyer's Selection: Important Court Decisions on Labor - Vol. 341: Government and Director of the Central Labor Standards Office (Kuraray) Case (Whether an Insurance Relationship can be Established under the Industrial Accident Insurance Act for an Employee Seconded to a Foreign Subsidiary)”
Magazine Article
"Corporate Legal Affairs: Topics and Legal Trends in the Human Resources and Labor Fields in 2023"
Magazine Article
"The Employment Law Review 14th Edition - Japan Chapter"

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