Public Service Activities in 2009


Bar Association Activities

Lawyers at the firm are actively engaged in activities with bar association committees and serve as court appointed defense counsel and duty attorneys. Some of the activities our attorneys participated in during 2009 are introduced below.

For the Japan Federation of Bar Associations in 2009, Shuya Nomura became a member of a practice group focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and internal control for comapnies, Mugi Sekido became a member of the Civil Litigation Committee, and Motoya Ishibashi became member of the Task Force for Aging Society. The firm has also participated in the training of attorneys to be assigned to Ho Terasu, and in January 2009, Hironori Nakano and Akira Hironaka entered the firm for one year to gain practical experience before leaving to take positions at Ho Terasu (Nakano left to take a position at Ho Terasu on February 1, 2010, while Hironaka left for the same reason on January 16, 2010). Misako Hirabayashi also entered the firm for the same purpose in September.In the period from January to December 2009, the firm's attorneys were assigned to 87 cases as duty attorneys and 81 cases as court-appointed defense counsel, and provided free legal counsel in 75 cases.

Public Organization Activities

Many lawyers at the firm have been transferred to public offices and other public organizations to participate in forming policies and systems and drafting bills, or to serve as members of various councils, research groups, and advisory panels. In 2009, the firm dispatched a number of attorneys to the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Financial Services Agency and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The firm's attorneys also participated in activities carried out by various public organizations for the realization of social justice. Shuya Nomura was reappointed as a member of the Postal Services Privatization Committee of the Postal Services Privatization Promotion Office established by the Prime Minister's Cabinet, and he has also served as a member of the Committee to Consider the Ideal Future for the Integration of Markets established by the Osaka Securities Exchange and the Jasdaq Securities Exchange. In addition, Soichiro Fujiwara became a member of the Study Group for Dept Equity Swaps for Restructuring established by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

Activities at Educational Institutions

A number of lawyers from the firm have been teaching at law schools, universities and legal organizations. In 2009, Tsunemichi Yokoyama assumed the role of Visiting Professor at Gakushuin University Law School. Shigehiko Ishimoto became a Lecturer at University of Tokyo Graduate School of Law, Shinichiro Yoshiba took on the position of Visiting Professor of Law (Copyright Law) at Aoyama Gakuin University Law School, Taro Omoto became a Lecturer at Chuo Law School and Motoya Ishibashi assumed the role of Assistant Professor at Keio Law School.

Public Service Activities in 2009:News

Public Service
Shuya Nomura becomes a member of a Japan Federation of Bar Associations' practice group focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and internal control for companies
Public Service
Yukinaga Kojima took part in the creation of "Preventing Corporate Scandals and the Role of the Auditor," issued by the Japan Corporate Auditors Association
Public Service
Daisuke Oda takes part in creation of "Reference Examples for Provisions Concerning the Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces in Agreements on Ordinary Savings Accounts, Check Accounts and Safe-deposit Boxes," issued by Japanese Bankers Association
Public Service
Daisuke Oda took part in the creation of the "Provisions Concerning the Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces (Reference Examples)" which is included in "Agreements on Credit Union Transactions," etc., and "Ideas for Introducing Provisions Concerning the Exclus
Public Service
The Committee on the Age of Majority under the Japanese Civil Code, which is a subcommittee of the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice and is chaired by Kaoru Kamada, put together its final report

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