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"NFT – Does It Redefine the Value of Intangible Information?"


Related Practice Areas Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property
Language Japanese
Publication LES JAPAN NEWS
Vol.63 No.3
Date of Publication September 30, 2022
Link Licensing Executives Society JAPAN

Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property:Publications

Magazine Article
"Mondaq Comparative Guides - Data Privacy - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Article
"Robotics Legal Consultation (91): What is the Approach to Making Rules for Passenger and Cargo Vehicle Transportation Businesses Utilizing Autonomous Cars?"
Magazine Article
"IP Case Bulletin: Patent Infringement and the Principle of Geographical Jurisdiction - DWANGO vs FC2 (Program Invention) Case (Appellate Instance), IP High Court Decision Dated July 20, 2022"
Book Article
"Legal Practices Regarding Information Networks"
"2023 Global Legislative Predictions"

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Hiroki Saito:Publications

Magazine Article
"Network-related Patent and Cross-border Infringement - Considering the Case of Patent on Niconico Comments"
Magazine Transcript
"Development, Limits, and Future Outlook of the Theory of Principal Infringers"
Book Article
"Legal Practice Concerning Use of Information Content"
Book Other
"Legal Frontier in AI, IoT and Big Data"
Book Article
"Lecture on Modern Contract Law: Detailed Discussion Part 2"

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