Employee Fraud (Embezzlement/Fraudulent Transactions, etc.)

A company’s initial steps to preserve evidence are especially important in cases of employee fraud, and companies are significantly affected by how well or poorly they handle fact-finding investigations and media relations. We are able to provide prompt and extensive support in handling employee fraud cases based on our abundant experience.

Employee fraud is not a new problem, but the impact of employee fraud on the employer has increased as corporate wrongdoing has drawn more and more attention. As a result of globalization, there are now more cases where employee fraud at an overseas subsidiary develops into an issue that affects the corporate group as a whole.

Employee fraud is often committed in secret by an individual or a small number of people with the assistance of outside accomplices, so a company may not always be able to conduct sufficient investigations on its own. In particular, failure to implement an appropriate initial response drastically raises the risk of the destruction of evidence. We provide full support in handling various kinds of employee fraud, drawing upon our years of experience and high-level expertise in this field. We also make full use of our expertise in cross-border investigations and our network of overseas offices and local law firms to provide global support that takes into account local laws in all relevant jurisdictions.

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