Asset Management

Support for solutions in the field of asset management using cutting-edge IT, including asset management for individuals, trading tools for investors, robo-advisors, high-frequency trading, and derivative transactions

Market Developments

The rapid growth of novel asset management services is exemplified by the development of robo-advisers that use AI to make investments. With the new ease of investing through applications on smartphones and other devices, people who previously had little experience in asset management are now familiar with a range of asset management methods.

While the majority of the average Japanese household’s financial assets continue to be held in cash and cash equivalents, the Japanese government has been promoting long-term, accumulative and diversified investments with the goal of creating wealth among the Japanese people. As a result,  sophisticated asset management services have become increasingly important.

When offering new asset management services, it is essential to examine a variety of considerations in line with the specific nature of the service to be offered, including what permits and licenses are required, such as those for investment advisory, agency and management businesses under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Legal support for new investment management services also requires careful consideration of necessary contracts related to the use of cutting-edge IT and contractual relationships with partner companies.

Our Services

Taking into account the latest discussions and trends both in Japan and overseas, the firm has been involved in the formation of new asset management services using Fintech across a variety of fields, including robo-advisers in the traditional area of securities investments, high-frequency trading, foreign exchange, commodity futures and cryptoassets. We have strived to create change and innovation in the field of asset management. We provide a broad range of legal services that combine the experience, knowledge and expertise accumulated by the firm in order to assist clients with regulatory and contractual support drawing upon the latest regulatory changes and global trends.

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