Financing and Guarantees

Legal and regulatory support for social lending, transaction lending, and score-based financing that employ big data, guarantee services and factoring meeting new business needs, and business development and regulatory support in the credit industry

Market Developments: Social Lending

Social lending refers to loan intermediation services connecting lenders and borrowers via the internet, enabling entities seeking financing to connect with individual or corporate investors seeking to optimize returns on their assets.

Currently, these schemes typically involve investment through silent partnerships.

Market Developments: Transaction Lending

Transaction lending refers to financial services that use data, such as retail transaction histories, to conduct independent credit screening for investment decisions. Credit screening typically encompasses both previous and real-time transaction data. This type of lending is  typically appropriate to small-scale businesses that have not prepared financial statements or do not possess ample collateral.

Additionally, some Fintech business operators that offer cloud accounting have, in collaboration with banks, begun to offer financing services based on business feasibility appraisals of the entities seeking funds. We are now beginning to see financial institutions partnering with IT companies to analyze large volumes of data to build scoring models or promote financing using AI technology.

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A deep understanding of the Payment Services Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other related financial regulations and laws as well as familiarity with lending practices is needed when transaction lending. The firm’s lawyers support these services using their specialist knowledge of the relevant regulations and expertise developed through their deep engagement in projects in this field.

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”Practical overview of the AI/Data Contract Guidelines”
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‘‘Latest trend in data protection ~ the amended Unfair Competition Prevention Act and the Contract Guidelines on Utilization of AI and Data~‘‘

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