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With a deep understanding of legal and business practices in the Mekong region, we are well placed to advise on a broad range of matters relating to Laos

Corporations entering and operating in Laos face many issues as the Laotian government continues to modernize the country’s legal system, with conflicts between new and existing laws sometimes arising and many foreign investment laws remaining unclear. We are able to advise our clients regarding their market entry and operations in Laos by drawing upon our experience in other emerging economies in Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, and other countries in the Mekong region.

Matters relating to Laos and its emerging markets are efficiently handled through our regional offices in Bangkok, Singapore, and Yangon. We work together with leading independent firms in Laos to serve our clients in Lao’s fast-changing environment.

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Mar. 6, 2013External Seminars
"ASEAN Intellectual Property Seminar by JETRO South East Asian Intellectual Property Network: "Protection of Unregistered Intellectual Property in ASEAN Countries""

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Book Article
"Changing Rules - Business Laws as a Strategic Weapon"
Magazine Article
"(i) Study on Systems for Utility Models and Simple Patents in ASEAN, (ii) Study on Systems for ISP Responsibilities for Online Distribution of Products that Infringe Intellectual Property Rights in ASEAN"

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