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Effective, practical, and innovative advice in a comprehensive range of labor matters

Our Labor Law Practice Group provides effective, practical, and innovative advice in a comprehensive range of labor matters including human resources, employee benefits and compensation, tax, and other regulations. We advise on general corporate matters including those in connection with negotiations and communications with labor unions, employees, executives, and regulatory authorities; establishment or restructuring of benefits and compensation plans; and establishment or restructuring of businesses.

We work seamlessly with lawyers from all our Practice Groups to provide advice efficiently in matters that require experience in areas such as tax, intellectual property, and overseas jurisdictions. We assist with a wide range of complex business transactions, providing advice in respect of labor matters and helping to identify and address risks that involve multiple legal disciplines. These types of transactions include M&A, investments, restructurings and bankruptcies, and local and cross-border transactions.

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Jun. 7, 2017MHM Seminars
CMHM Seminar "Key features and latest updates of the Labour Protection Act"

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"Lawyer's Selection: Important Court Decisions on Labor - Vol. 262: Social Welfare Corporation Net Case (Validity of Dismissal by Board of Directors' Resolution to Disapprove Continued Employment after Reaching Mandatory Retirement Age, Etc.)"
Book Article
"Changing Rules - Business Laws as a Strategic Weapon"
Magazine Article
"Key Points for Preparing Information Management Regulations - How Should  "Confidential Information" be Managed for Telework Arrangements?"
"Legal Issues Concerning Telework (Working Hours Management and Security) In Light of Increasing Cases of Teleworking Due to the Spread of COVID-19"
Magazine Other
"Topical Issue: Merits of Online Drinking Parties and Points to Keep in Mind"

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