Automobiles, Aviation and Ships

We provide one-stop services based on the latest knowledge in the automotive, aviation and maritime areas, where technological innovation is advancing.

Automobiles, automotive parts, and mobility services

 For many years we have represented automobile and automotive parts manufacturers both in Japan and overseas. We have recently been deeply involved in providing legal support for innovations in such areas as autonomous cars and mobility and logistics services.

Aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

 In addition to handling financial transactions related to air transportation and aircraft manufacturing, we have been active with recent developments in the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) sector.

Ships and maritime affairs

 We handle a variety of matters involving ship financing, legal advice regarding maritime transport, and the restructuring of marine businesses. We have recently been active in supporting the realization of automated ship operations from a legal perspective.

Automobiles, Aviation and Ships:People

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Automobiles, Aviation and Ships:News

Top rankings received from IFLR1000’s thirtieth edition
Public Service
Koji Toshima became the advisor for Japan Roof Drone Association
Public Service
Hiromi Hayashi became the member of Logistics Subcommittee of Study Group on Flying of Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) Without Visual Observation and Over Third Parties, Etc.
Public Service
Hiromi Hayashi became the member of Logistics Guideline Preparation Committee, Japan UAS Industrial Development Association
Public Service
Koji Toshima, Hiromi Hayashi became the advisor of Unmanned Aircraft System Survey Council

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Automobiles, Aviation and Ships:Seminars

Sep. 29, 2020External Seminars
"Japan Drone 2020 Drone Innovation Seminar “Legal risks and interpretations of drones from skilled pilots and lawyers”"
Aug. 28, 2020External Seminars
"Challenge of MONET Technologies and Legislative Developments Aimed at Carrying forward MaaS"
Mar. 19, 2019External Seminars
"Drone Business and Regulations"

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Automobiles, Aviation and Ships:Publications

Magazine Article
"Robotics Legal Consultation (63): Regulatory Trends in Telehealth and Online Prescription"
"Guide for New Entry into Outer Space Related Businesses - Utilization and Examination of Commercialization of In-house Technologies and Satellite Data for "NewSpace""
"The International Comparative Legal Guide - Shipping Law 2020 - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Article
"Latest Legislative Developments Aimed at Realizing MaaS"
Magazine Article
"Legal Frontier of the Mobility Business Field"

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