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Professional and detailed advice in the area of social activities and businesses related to culture and the arts

We provide multifaceted and comprehensive legal services to clients (museums, theaters, artists, religious corporations, and other such entities) in the area of social activities and businesses related to literature, music, fine arts, art festivals, drama, theater, cinema, comic books, graphic novels, animation, traditional arts, lifestyle culture, cultural property protection, and other cultural and artistic activities, regardless of the size of the project, as well as responses to systems and regulations, the formulation, construction and operation of business models and schemes, risk evaluation and documentation related to transactions and contracts, and responses to conflicts and disputes.

Cultural and artistic activities are a source of value creation in society that attract increasing interest and attention as a means of enriching our lives. In response to these developments, businesses that have found opportunities in culture and the arts are giving birth to new aims and ideas, with the examination, launch and promotion of those businesses making even further progress. In many countries, including Japan, measures are being actively taken to revitalize the arts movement.

Against this backdrop, we have also found great significance in contributing to the development of culture and the arts, focusing on their social significance and business potential. Taking into account the rapidly changing trends, we provide detailed legal services that suit the actual conditions of our clients and the characteristics of their projects, while making use of our extensive experience and expertise in the field of culture and the arts.

Cultural and artistic activities are closely related to local revitalization and regional development. From the viewpoint of revitalizing local economies and “creating communities where people can continue to live” (SDG Target 11), we are engaged in a variety of initiatives to contribute to the development of legal fields related to cultural and artistic activities.

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