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Leading-edge legal support for the increasingly complex and globalized field of payment transactions

With the globalization of markets and formation of alliances between business operators, the role of financial institutions and credit card companies as payment service providers has increased. These traditional institutions face a remarkable increase in the number of funds transfer service providers, electronic money issuers, payment services providers, bill payment services providers, and other business operators including platform and market place operators who engage in the payment business as their main or ancillary business.

We provide full legal support for payment services that require registration, licensing, or other forms of governmental authorizations. Our legal services in this area include negotiations with the Japanese Financial Services Agency and other supervisory authorities; assistance in the application process; creation and review of internal rules, manuals, and systems; preparation and review of materials for customers; and assistance in responding to governmental inquiries.

We advise payment service providers at the time of their establishment and start of operations and in connection with their day-to-day legal needs. We examine the legality of specific services and the necessity of specific governmental authorizations, and seek confirmation from the regulators as necessary.

We apply our expertise in mergers and acquisitions, corporate work, and other practice areas to assist clients in this industry in the structuring and restructuring of their businesses. We address legal needs from the start to completion of a transaction, including due diligence investigations, anti-competition filings, and other aspects. We have full capabilities to assist business operators to develop more complex and sophisticated payment businesses and to help overseas business operators expand their services into Japan.

We continue to enhance our capabilities to serve our clients, including by developing and utilizing professional relationships with supervisory authorities.

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Fintech Newsletter - Publication of Cabinet Order and Cabinet Office Ordinance on the Revision of the Payment Services Act 2020
Japanese Virtual Currency Regulations take effect in April 2017

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Public Service
The "Guidelines on Random-type Sales of NFTs," whose formulation included the involvement of Masafumi Masuda, are released
Public Service
The "Guidelines for NFT Businesses 2nd Edition," in which Masafumi Masuda was involved in the formulation as Legal Counsel of the NFT Subcommittee, is released by Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA)
Top Ranking Received From Chambers FinTech 2022
Public Service
The "Guidelines for NFT Businesses," in which Masafumi Masuda was involved in the formulation as Legal Counsel of the NFT Subcommittee, is released by Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA)
Top Ranking Received From Chambers FinTech 2021

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Mar. 30, 2023External Seminars
『4th Asia-based International Financial Law Conference "Session two: Fintech’s impact on Asian financial markets I: the regulatory and legislative developments in STO and digital exchanges"』
Nov. 3, 2022External Seminars
『Policy Trend and Current Discussion on Metaverse in Japan』
Sep. 7, 2021External Seminars
"Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Challenges"
Oct. 19, 2018External Seminars
"Blockchain and its Application to IP Management"
Sep. 10, 2018MHM Seminars
”Japan Investment Seminar ”

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Magazine Article
"Corporate Legal Affairs Frontier (No.248): metaverse"
"Manga Guide to NFT Business"
"Asking Attorney Masafumi Masuda about Everything You Should Already Know about Web3, NFT, and Metaverse"
"NFT Business: An Explanation Using Pictures (Traditional Chinese Version)"
Magazine Panel Discussion
"Round-Table Talk: Discussion about the Metaverse (HOUGAKU Seminar e-Book Kindle edition)"

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