Tourism and business relevant to inbound are quite active in recent Japan because of government-wide policies and 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. At the same time, more and more clients need legal advice for specific matters in accordance with the introduction of new laws and regulations such as Private Accommodation Business Act and Travel Agency Law.

MHM has been providing various legal advice for domestic and international clients conducting tourism business. In 2018, MHM has set up Tourism Law Practice Group which is the unique practice group focusing on laws relevant to tourism among various law firms in Japan.

MHM Tourism Law Practice Group involves in, among others, providing legal advices for various cases based on its deep understanding for the relevant regulations, establishing close networks with government authorities and trade associations in tourism industry, and contributing to sound development of our clients as well as entire business relevant to tourism and inbound in Japan.


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Comments by Yusuke Takamiya were published in the Nikkei Online edition in an article titled "Regulatory Barriers to Subscription Accommodation: An Obstacle to Expansion of Remote Working"
Public Service
Yusuke Takamiya became the Observer of "Council on Utilization of Beaches for Tourism Resources," Japan Tourism Agency

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Magazine Article
"Legal FAQ Regarding Contracts, Shareholders Meetings, Personnel and Labor Management, the Antimonopoly Act, and Tourism"
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"[Cycling Around Japan] Legal Issues Regarding Cycle Tourism"
Book Article
"Guidance on Inbound and Tourism Laws"
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"Guidelines for the Home-Sharing Business Act of Japan"
Magazine Article
"Government & Ministerial Ordinances of the Home-Sharing Business Act of Japan"

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