Pro Bono Projects

The firm actively participates in pro bono projects, including legal education projects and refugee assistance activities, mainly through team-based endeavors undertaken by our younger lawyers.

Examples of these projects include:

■ In collaboration with one of our clients, a large global investment bank, a team of the firm’s younger lawyers gave a well-received legal lecture to junior-high-school and high-school students at a children’s home.

■ In collaboration with the Japan Association for Refugees, a team of the firm’s younger lawyers filed an application for refugee status on behalf of an applicant who has suffered persecution in Africa.

■ Some of the firm’s lawyers who are native speakers of English participated in a well-received English study camp for children of families with financial difficulties.

Further, lawyers of the firm participate in various activities that encourage respect for diversity among individuals. As an example, one of our lawyers is a director of Lawyers for LGBT and Allies Network (LLAN).

Pro Bono Projects:News

Public Service
Firm sponsors the "JAR Charity Run & Walk - DAN DAN RUN 2022"
Public Service
MHM developed a legal framework and provided legal assistance for NFT Art Charity Auctions held by Famiee that issues certificates verifying family relationships, including relationships between same-sex couples, utilizing blockchain technology
Public Service
MHM sponsored the Sixth Equality Gala hosted by Lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network (LLAN) and assisted with translation for the event
Public Service
Hiromasa Yamauchi, Kota Yamaoka, Karin Kobayashi, Kotaro Motoshima, and Masumi Sato provide law-related education to junior and senior high school students in a children’s home
Public Service
The firm’s lawyers contributed to a booklet (published by NPO Kidsdoor; sponsored by J.P. Morgan) for high school students providing easy-to-understand explanations about familiar issues related to social networking services and other topics.

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