MHM Sustainability Policy

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto’s Vision is to be the "Firm of Choice." Based on this Vision, and as a member of society, MHM promotes "Sustainability" so that we can continue to be an organization that is most trusted by its clients and an organization that all our members can be proud of.

In order to fulfill this Vision, MHM will:
  1. be environmentally responsible, respect human rights, and engage in resolving sustainability issues, by
    • identifying the effects that the firm’s business activities have on the environment and engaging in reducing its environmental footprint under a well-curated plan; conducting fair business activities with integrity; and preventing social problems such those relating to human rights or corruption from occurring in the course of conducting the firm’s business activities,
    • contributing from a legal perspective based on our expert knowledge and experience as a law firm to the resolution of sustainability issues that concern society at large, including our clients, and
    • respecting human rights and being a firm that embodies equality and diversity so that every member of the firm can contribute to the best of their abilities and expertise.
  2. realize these principles, by
    • formulating and executing action plans to promote sustainability in respect of the firm’s business activities and continuously refreshing those plans in accordance with the state of progress of the initiatives pursued and changes in society,
    • continuously engaging in resolving legal issues regarding sustainability by advising our clients accordingly and conducting investigations, research, and provision of information in cooperation with domestic and international professional agencies, governments and municipal organizations, industrial associations, NGOs, and other such experts, and
    • endeavoring to raise awareness about sustainability through in-house training so that each and every member of the firm can properly recognize the effect their activities have on the environment and society;
and by doing so, MHM will:

continue to be a firm that is environmentally responsible and respects human rights, and contributes to the development and establishment of legal systems and practices domestically and internationally to resolve sustainability issues;

and, through these efforts, MHM will:

realize the self-fulfillment of each and every member of the firm, and contribute, as a member of society, to the realization of a sustainable environment and society.


Initiatives to Promote Sustainability

The firm has established a Sustainability Committee composed of its attorneys and members of staff as a framework for promoting sustainability. The Sustainability Committee plays a central role in the promotion of sustainability at the firm by, among other means, formulating and implementing policies for such promotion and conducting awareness-raising activities within the firm in accordance with the MHM Sustainability Policy.

We are also actively making efforts to reduce our environmental load, by such means as conserving energy and electricity, transitioning to paperless operations, reducing and sorting waste, recycling, promoting the distribution and use of reusable shopping bags, and replacing the plastic water bottles provided in the firm’s offices with aluminum cans. The buildings in which our Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Offices are located as tenants have already changed all electrical systems to renewable energy sources, thereby decarbonizing their operations. In addition, the Tokyo Office has also changed its gas systems for heating and cooling to carbon neutral LNG.

Further, the firm has established a Diversity Promotion Task Force, and is moving ahead with various initiatives in accordance with the MHM Diversity & Inclusion Policy in order to build an organization where each person can perform to the best of their abilities, grow, take on new challenges, and play an active role. For more information on the firm’s initiatives in the area of “Diversity & Inclusion,” please refer to the “Special Feature: Diversity & Inclusion” page.