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Diversity & Inclusion Policy

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We believe that it is by ensuring a culture takes root in which individuals with diverse perspectives and values respect and accept each other and are able to speak up and act without fear that an organization can excel as a team and generate innovation.

We think that the keywords for building such an organization are “Diversity & Inclusion.”  “Diversity & Inclusion” means respecting, embracing and capitalizing on each individual’s uniqueness without regard to factors such as gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, race, nationality, religion, culture, creed, and lifestyle.

By promoting “Diversity & Inclusion,” we will continue to be the “Firm of Choice” for all clients and all our members.

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Diversity & Inclusion Policy  ▼Initiatives to Promote Diversity & Inclusion
Creation of a workplace that provides a high degree of psychological security 
Enabling realization of work styles suited to various lifestyles 
Creation of an environment where everyone can be themselves regardless of sexuality
Workplace where anyone can cooperate with each other as a member of a team regardless of disability
Formation and maintenance of cultural diversity

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

We have adopted an MHM Diversity & Inclusion Policy and will make every effort to realize the world expressed in the Policy.

With a desire to realize the D&I value of “Open-Mindedness” even in the process of formulating the Policy itself, we shared ideas with a diverse group of members of our firm varying in years of experience, genders, career paths, and the like, and went through public comment procedures for all members of the firm to submit opinions.  The Policy has reached its current form after being revised to reflect a wide range of opinions as a result of such open process.

Initiatives to Promote Diversity & Inclusion

We have established a Diversity Promotion Task Force that is comprised of members from diverse backgrounds, including members of staff who are exclusively dedicated to this task, and are undertaking various initiatives to build an organization where each person can perform to the best of their abilities, grow, take on new challenges, and play an active role.

The following examples are only a snapshot of our current initiatives.  The form that “Diversity & Inclusion” should take will change according to changes in our organization and the times, and therefore we intend to continue to develop and deepen our initiatives going forward.

Creation of a workplace that provides a high degree of psychological security

At times we may all unknowingly get caught up in unconscious assumptions stemming from our own experiences. In order to prevent language and behavior arising from such assumptions causing harm to other members and compromising their psychological security, we take a variety of measures, including conducting questionnaire surveys and setting up opinion boxes to proactively collect members' opinions, as well as fostering awareness of the issues through in-house training programs.

Furthermore, by encouraging networking among members who belong to somewhat of a minority group within the organization, we are building a culture in which everyone can play an active role while being themselves, regardless of whether they belong to a minority or the majority.

▼Networking event “D&I Meetup”


Enabling realization of work styles suited to various lifestyles

We think that it is important to enable various working styles to be realized that are suited to each type of lifestyle regardless of gender and in step with important life events.

We offer systems for members to take maternity leave, childcare leave and family care leave, and we recommend all members to take these proactively, and we also provide a variety of systems for shortened working hours that members are able to choose according to their individual situations such as during childcare or during family care, or according to their preferences.  In addition to those systems, we have introduced a mentoring system for associate attorneys to consult on a daily basis about balancing childcare and work, and financial assistance for the use of childminding services.  These systems have been used regardless of the gender identity of the members who use these systems, and we will continue to review and improve the systems based on opinions of members to make them even better.

We received the “Family Friendly Award 2018” from the Daini Tokyo Bar Association and received a 2-star Eruboshi (“L-Star,” for Labor Star) certification in 2021 for these initiatives.  We will continue to foster an environment where members with diverse lifestyles can work comfortably.

▼The “Family Friendly Award 2018” trophy and the logo of “Eruboshi” certification

Creation of an environment where everyone can be themselves
regardless of sexuality

Sexuality is diverse and differs from person to person.  We aim to create an environment where it is considered as a natural thing to be different, and everyone can be themselves regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

MHM carries out a variety of awareness campaigns every June (which is designated as “MHM Pride Month”), and encourages active exchange of information on a daily basis, including through channels such as the firm’s online community regarding SOGI, in which all members are able to participate.

In February 2019, MHM endorsed the Viewpoint issued by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) supporting marriage equality in Japan.  This endorsement was the first of its kind by a Japan headquartered law firm and received coverage by the media.  MHM also endorsed “Business for Marriage Equality,” a campaign for realizing marriage equality (same-sex marriage legislation) in April 2024. Many members of the firm have participated in the activities of the Lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network since it was established, and we provide cooperation for its various projects.

MHM has been highly commended for these initiatives, and in 2020 was selected as a shortlist candidate in the Financial Times Asia Pacific Innovative Lawyers Awards, receiving a particularly high commendation. In 2023, MHM received the "Gold" award in the PRIDE Index 2023, an evaluation index for initiatives for LGBTQ+ and other sexual minorities in the workplace, established by the general incorporated association “work with Pride.”

▼MHM Pride Month and the logo of “PRIDE Index”

Workplace where anyone can cooperate with each other as a member of a team regardless of disability

We recognize the importance of inclusion and aim to create a workplace where anyone can be accepted and work together as a member of a team regardless of any disability.

Currently, members with disabilities play active roles cooperating with other members in various departments such as library-related work, office equipment management, and business card management, etc. In addition, in order to create a workplace where members with disabilities can work comfortably, we have some members of staff who are assigned to support members with disabilities in adapting themselves to the workplace environment (so-called “job coaches”).

We will continue to make an effort from a long-term perspective to realize “Diversity & Inclusion” by hiring individuals with disabilities while also reviewing our operations continuously, creating job opportunities, and rethinking work models.

Formation and maintenance of cultural diversity

We aim to create an organization where people with a variety of cultural backgrounds can understand each culture and custom, and work together while maintaining diversity.

Currently, the firm has six offices located outside Japan, where people with a variety of cultural backgrounds work together, and many members working at our offices in Japan also have roots in other countries.

In light of this diversity, we prepare versions of internal rules, IT systems, and announcements into other languages besides Japanese, and we also share information in a way that gives consideration to the diversity of religions and eating habits. In addition.  Also, we make opportunities to know and understand each other, for example by holding regional meetings attended by members from our offices in Japan and other countries, offering overseas training and secondment programs between our offices in Japan and other countries, and providing information on our internal website about our global offices and articles on the attorneys who work there.

We do not treat the customs or systems that we are used to as something universal, and we acknowledge the importance of mutual understanding of other cultures and customs and will continue to be aware of and persistently work at the challenges of achieving such mindset.

▼ASEAN Regional Meeting (held in Pattaya)


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